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Invdev at AWS Summit 2023

Invdev had the pleasure of attending one of the most highly anticipated technology events of the year, the AWS Summit London 2023. Bringing together industry leaders, innovators and technology enthusiasts, our team immersed themselves in cutting edge insights with engaging keynote sessions.

What is AWS Summit?

AWS Summit 2023 was an exceptional opportunity to network and learn from some of the brightest minds in the AWS world. Listening to some of the most important figureheads from AWS, this allowed our team to learn new skills as well as to continue developing the skills they already posses. This Summit was an eye-opening experience as it shows the magnitude and the scale of AWS and how they can cater their knowledge to a culmination of skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this event is for people of all skill capabilities who have one common interest, AWS.

Join us as we explore the valuable insights and experiences that our team gained from talks, connections and activities that made our day at the Summit so enjoyable.

AI - The AWS Summit Hot Topic

One of the hot topics that seemed to be a recurring theme, as well as a team favourite, was AI (Artificial Intelligence). The event was littered with talks to do with this topic and the rapid growth in its application. It was fascinating to see how the AWS community is harnessing its power to innovate and iterate.

Listening to some of the most important figureheads from AWS, our team picked up a host of new skills and continued to learn and enhance their existing skills.

Other talks that our team attended included;

  • AWS Foundations: Getting Started with the AWS Cloud Essentials
  • Amazon DynamoDB: Peeling the Onion
  • Building Modern API Architectures: Which Front Door should I use?
  • Understand your Customers Better with a Modern Data Strategy
  • Becoming Future Fit: Accelerate Sustainability Transformation with AWS
  • Maximising Developer Productivity with Amazon CodeWhisperer
  • How AWS is making Quantum Technologies a Practical Reality
"It was great to find out about all the AI advancements that AWS have been working on, specifically their new Amazon Bedrock service, which lets you privately customise the custom Foundational Models for use with  your own data, really looking forward to test driving this. Overall it was a great summit with loads of really interesting talks."
jonnie russell
Jonnie Russell
Inv Group, Chief Technology Officer
“Learning about AWS CodeWhisperer was intriguing because it can help developers, like me, to maximise productivity and to aid when you feel stuck. Especially when integrating into a team, using technologies that you haven't used before, having essentially a teacher built into your IDE, can help you overcome those stumbling blocks.”
Luke Mcfarlane - Invdev Junior Software Development Apprentice
Luke Mcfarlane
Junior Software Developer Apprentice
“Exploring the core AWS services and their impact on our product architecture was fascinating, witnessing how AWS optimises cloud services through enhanced productivity and seamless scalability, has opened up exciting possibilities for future product development.”
Ben Goodwin - Invdev Junior Software Development Apprentice
Ben Goodwin
Junior Software Developer Apprentice
"I had the opportunity to engage in a range of talks, which allowed me to witness the power of cutting-edge technologies and learn about securing workloads, utilising the AWS cloud, and democratizing data.
Sorin Adamoiu - Invdev Junior Software Development Apprentice
Sorin Adamoiu
Junior Software Developer Apprentice
“In today’s rapid increase in the digital landscape, data is the pinnacle of what guides a successful marketing strategy. By harnessing the power of AWS and implementing a modern data strategy, we gain insights into our clients needs, preferences and behaviours. With this knowledge we can craft targeted and personalised campaigns that not only drive engagement but build connections with our clients. This was something that I took away with me from ‘Understand your Customers Better with a Modern Data Strategy’.”
Brett King - Invedv Digital Marketing Apprentice
Brett King
Digital Marketing Apprentice

Our AWS Summit Experience

Our overall experience of attending the AWS Summit was not only incredibly positive but also highly enlightening. The valuable insights and knowledge gained from the event have equipped us to further propel our growth and deliver exceptional results for our clients. The organisation of the summit was truly exceptional, offering an abundance of captivating presentations that immersed us in the latest advancements. AWS went above and beyond to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of every attendee. From supplying complimentary food, drinks, and snacks to the careful attention to safety protocols, our team was thoroughly impressed. Not for a single moment did any of us have any negative thoughts about our experience. The AWS Summit not only exceeded our expectations but also left an incredible mark on Invdev’s journey.