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Need an innovative application to enhance your digital presence or engage with your users? Our team of experienced Node.js consultants can consult to plan, build and develop your ideal application solution.

  • We’ll advise and build a viable project plan
  • We’ll assist you with back-end and front-end development
  • We’ll do the vital DevOps work
  • We can support and evolve your application

End-to-end Node.js application development

In end-to-end Node.js application development, adopting a dynamic, iterative approach is crucial. This shift from a linear process emphasizes real-time adjustments and incremental improvements, ensuring applications evolve organically to meet the changing landscape of technology and user expectations.
  • We provide detailed Node.js app conceptualisation.
  • We’ll help you define your project KPIs, duration, budget, team composition.
  • We’ll do the Node.js app development and the necessary quality assurance testing.
  • We’ll assess any application integration and system requirements.
  • We can provide after-launch support and support the apps roadmap and evolution.

Node.js application performance optimisation

In Node.js application performance optimisation, a proactive, iterative approach is key. Prioritising real-time adjustments and ongoing monitoring ensures that performance optimisation is not a final step but an intrinsic part of the development lifecycle, aligning seamlessly with the nimble nature of Node.js.
  • We’ll review your existing software architecture and tech stack.
  • We’ll run application performance diagnostics to identify the root cause of negative patterns.
  • We’ll make code or architecture recommendations.
  • We can provide continuous application performance management to give your in-house team peace of mind.

Node.js application architecture improvement

In Node.js application architecture improvement, a dynamic, ongoing refinement approach is crucial. Unlike static frameworks, this perspective treats architecture as a living entity, urging developers to seamlessly integrate enhancements into their workflow. This ensures a responsive, scalable architecture in harmony with Node.js’s dynamic nature.
  • We’ll review your current architecture, cloud services, tech stack, and integrations.
  • We’ll identify and analyse any system bottlenecks.
  • We’ll cross check any security vulnerabilities.
  • We’ll devise an optimal scalability map with architectural recommendations to improve long-term availability, security, compliance, and cost-effectiveness.

Node.js application deployment consulting

In Node.js application deployment consulting, adopting an iterative strategy is key. Consultants integrate deployment considerations throughout the development lifecycle, ensuring agile and responsive processes. Regular analysis and refinement of deployment strategies enable adaptability to the evolving needs of Node.js applications, fostering more efficient and robust deployment practices.
  • We’ll provide expect DevOps consulting.
  • We’ll carry out indepth application debugging and issue resolutions.
  • We’ll run infrastructure cost and optimisation assessments.

Full-Stack JavaScript Development

Our Full-stack JavaScript Development service accelerates development for companies seeking experienced engineers. RisingStack, with a focus on North American and European clients, assigns full-time engineers for extended periods. Proficient in React on the front-end, we support various languages, including Node.js on the back-end. Our comprehensive solution covers planning, designing, developing, deploying, and ongoing maintenance and support for web applications.

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