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Amazon Web Services (AWS) - The Invdev Story

In the world of cloud computing, few names stand out like Amazon Web Services (AWS), and at the forefront of AWS adoption in the United Kingdom is Invdev. From our early foray into AWS services to becoming experts in a plethora of offerings, Invdev’s story with AWS is one of innovation and adaptation.

Invdev was among the first customers of AWS services in the United Kingdom, demonstrating our commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology. The journey began in 2006 when Invdev successfully launched our first EC2 instance, albeit in the United States. It was a testament to our pioneering spirit and our readiness to explore the potential of AWS.

AWS’s commitment to expanding its global reach became evident when they launched European regions in Ireland in 2007 and Frankfurt in 2016. As AWS spread its wings across Europe, Invdev’s clients, particularly our UK Government customers, had a unique demand – they required a UK-based data centre. AWS heard this call, and in 2016, they opened a region in the UK. This regional presence was a game-changer, aligning perfectly with our vision for serving our clients.

Once AWS’s UK region was launched, Invdev swiftly made the strategic decision to migrate all of their customers to AWS cloud-provisioned infrastructures based in the UK. This move not only ensured compliance with data sovereignty requirements but also unlocked the full potential of AWS’s cloud capabilities for their clients.

Invdev’s commitment to AWS didn’t stop at mere migration. Their teams went on to acquire expertise in over 50 AWS services. This extensive knowledge encompasses a broad spectrum of AWS services, including:

SQS Simple
Amazon Bedrock

This expertise allowed Invdev to tailor AWS solutions to the unique needs of our clients, ensuring that they benefit from the full range of AWS’s capabilities while maintaining robust security and compliance standards.

Invdev’s story with AWS is one of continuous innovation, growth, and client-focused solutions. Our journey, from being early adopters to becoming experts in a multitude of AWS services, serves as an inspiring example of how forward-thinking organisations can leverage cloud technology to transform the way they do business.