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We’ve worked with UK Government and US membership organisations to deliver technical solutions for both large and small enterprises across the public sector.

Our teams specialise in website development, intranets and portals, entreprise integrations and well as solving complex technical challenges.

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Here’s how we’ve solved the complex digital challenges for enterprises and governments.

Drupal for Local Gov

Elmbridge Borough Council

Elmbridge Borough Council (EBC) needed a modern, accessible and robust website, to accelerate their digital transformation, and provide easy access to information, optimising user experience. Partnering with Invuse, we worked to rebuild the EBC website on the LocalGov Drupal (LGD) website platform.

"Invdev are our go to development partner. Supporting us to bring to life the insights from our user research and accessibility projects, our teams have successfully collaborated and innovated for the benefit of both our customers and their end users. Invdev continue to push the boundaries on what's possible and we're excited to see where this partnership takes us!"
Ryan Taylor Invuse Programme Director
Ryan Taylor
Programme Director, Invuse


Drupal and Community guidance

In 2015 our teams were the first major advisors on Drupal the UK’s Department of Works & Pensions (DWP). For over a year, we worked with and advised the DWP Collaboration Services team on how to build and secure a Drupal environment that enabled DWP’s 85k end users to collaborate using community and group features.
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Invdev swiftly rescued from a crashing infrastructure and a critical performance issue. The platform, developed within the COI of the Cabinet Office, faced a setback when crashed upon going live. With a minister’s imminent launch announcement, Invdev was called upon for urgent assistance. Identifying overwhelming volumes of requests and data as the root cause, Invdev implemented a caching layer. This solution reduced the strain on the system, ensuring stability and preventing further crashes.

Mayor of London

Advice on the build of their website

Our team at Invdev, guided and built a robust website for the Mayor of London’s office, enhancing their campaign’s online presence. Taking charge of the project, Invdev designed the website’s infrastructure, wrote modules and themes, and built it from scratch. The result was a successful website launch, featuring an intuitive interface, engaging content, and seamless navigation.
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Home Office

Intranet as a service

In 2013 our team was drafted into the UK’s Home Office to meet with solutions architects to discuss the provision of a new intranet. Within weeks of the initial discovery meetings, the HO team asked if we could build and provide the intranet on a SaaS basis. The answer? Of course. That was the beginning of what is now Invotra.
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SSO for 90k users

Our architects met with DWP technical architects to design the secure single sign-on (SSO) authentication method for DWP’s 90k end users accessing the Invotra intranet.

Views, Ctools, Panels

Between 2008 and 2013, the team at Invdev (previously iO1), sponsored and developed Drupal’s Views, Ctools and Panels as part of their dedication to make Drupal the number one CMS in the enterprise market.
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NHS Test and Trace

Cognito and AWS

Our development team successfully resolved an integration issue between Elastic Load Balancers and Cognito authentication in the NHS Test and Trace system. Mismatched timeouts were causing disruptions to the user experience, requiring an immediate solution. Through using a Lambda function, we intercepted calls which automatically responded in the background. This improved the system’s functionality and user experience significantly. Previously, users were frequently prompted to log back in, causing disruptions during their browsing sessions. With our solution in place, error messages were captured and handled seamlessly in the background. The successful implementation of our solution allowed users to now experience uninterrupted browsing without being repeatedly prompted to log in.
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Migrating 100k files

We worked with HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs), to migrate 100,000 of their files which were in a variety of different formats. HMRC needed our team to help, due to the fact that the data required cleaning and formatting to ensure data accessibility and readability. HMRC requested the ability to selectively transfer content, manage author references, and handle data updates efficiently. These requests from the HMRC were completed by our team, as we successfully migrated their files.
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Sierra Club

Integrating Salesforce for authentication 600,000 volunteers to access the Sierra Club Portal.

Our integrations teams delivered one of our most ambitious projects to date: The extension of the Invotra intranet to enable 600,000 Sierra Club volunteers to authenticate into the Invotra Portal solution giving them access to large parts of the Sierra Club intranet. Our teams did this using Sierra Club’s instance of Salesforce into the Drupal intranet.

Learn more about Invdev's technical development solution for NHS Test & Trace

NHS Test and Trace

Getting the knowledge management hub live in eight business days

Four months into the UK’s national Covid lockdown, and the rapid response unit of the NHS, NHS Test & Trace – part of the Department for Health and Social Care – needed a knowledge management and internal communications hub to communicate easily with 40,000 ‘tracer’ agents. The department challenged us to get it live within two weeks. We beat the challenge, getting it live in eight working days.


ParentView integration

Invdev developed a seamless backend integration system for Ofsted, called “ParentView.” This REST API-based platform enables parents to provide feedback on schools, securely transmitting the information to Ofsted’s backend. The system revolutionises school-parent relationships, fostering improved communication and engagement.

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