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Project Background

East Herts Council approached Invotra and Invdev in need of technical assistance to improve the way they safely synchronised important communications to all members of the East Herts Council.

East Herts were relying on a weekly e-newsletter distributed via an organisation-wide email or one-off organisation wide emails to advise on important notice. They had little to no visibility on whether these notices were seen and no ability to create and send short, targeted messages to staff.

How Invdev helped make East Herts Council’s staff comms more efficient

Following a discovery session with the East Herts Council project stakeholders, Invotra and Invdev identified that it was essential that any comms solutions needed to:

  • Deliver organization-wide communications.
  • Ensure that all communications would remain prominent on a user’s screen until the message is ‘dismissed’ to ensure maximum reach and acknowledgement.
  • Any solution needed to be customisable in order to support the distribution of urgent, organisation-wide notices as well as team, role or location based communications.

Invotra and Invdev presented Invotra Broadcast as the solution that would meet all three of East Herts need for both large scale/urgent communucations as well as smaller scale updates and notices.

Key results of the project

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East Hertfordshire (East Herts) Council

East Hertfordshire is one of ten local government districts in Hertfordshire. The vision of the Council is to provide East Hertfordshire residents and businesses with a future that is prosperous, sustainable and focuses on the key issues that concern the residents.

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