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Intranet as a service for the Home Office

Retiring 5 legacy contracts into one system

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Project Background

The Home Office wanted to avoid extending multiple contracts with external providers and instead wanted to migrate several applications into a single platform within a strict 5-month time frame. In partnership with Invotra, Invdev met with the UK’s Home Office’s solutions architects to discuss the provision of a new intranet system.

How to deliver an intranet in 5 months

Working closely with the Invotra project team and Home Office application owners, the Invdev team to reviewed and sense checked the project specification were aligned to the new intranet platform.

The Invdev team then brought the project specifications and visuals to life through an intensive period of development and thorough testing of the applications. Finally, Invdev coordinated with the project teams to schedule the intranet releases within the project time frame.

Over the course of The Home Office’s intranet project the Invdev team had four challenges to overcome:

  • Timeframe: The Home Office only had 5 months until their contracts expired and applications of this size usually take a very long time to specify, develop and migrate.
  • Commercial implications: The applications had to be fully migrated within the 5 months to avoid implications from the existing suppliers.
  • The user experience: It was important that when introducing these new applications, the user experience on the intranet was not affected.
  • One for all: It was essential that as each SaaS application was developed and deployed for The Home Office, all of Invotra’s customers could benefit.

4 results of the project

"We are delighted with what the Invdev team were able to achieve and all the effort they put into The Home Office project especially in such a short period of time!"
paul zimmerman
Paul Zimmerman
Invdev COO

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The Home Office

The Home Office, also known as the Home Department, is a ministerial department of the British Government, responsible for immigration, security, and law and order. As such, it is responsible for policing in England and Wales, fire and rescue services in England, visas and immigration, and the Security Service.

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