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Supporting Stevenage Borough Council to empower collaboration

Developing a user-led intranet portal

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Project background

Following a meeting with senior stakeholders at Stevenage Borough Council, Invotra approached Invdev to develop a secure and restricted access solution that would allow Stevenage Borough Council’s councillors to better collaborate in a controlled and flexible manner and stay up to date with a more personalised intranet experience.

How Invdev empowered concillor collaboration

A councilor’s (sometimes called members) primary role is to represent their ward or division and the people who live in it. Councillors provide a bridge between the community and the council. They have a responsibility for the whole community but they have a special responsibility to represent their ward constituents.

From the outset, Stevenage Borough Council requested that the objectives of the new development were to:

  • Provide external users with controlled access to their intranet.
  • Improve staff engagement to encourage collaborative working across departments.
  • Encourage employees to self-serve with access to timely, relevant information.

Over the course of the project the Invdev team had a number of challenges to help Stevenage Borough Council to overcome including:

  • Wanting to deliver specific and targeted content to their elected officials and therefore needed a product that could meet their needs, whilst staying within budget.
  • Issues with the intranet’s user experience and ability to self-serve.
  • A poor Staff Directory solution that was not very informative and made it difficult for users to find and connect with each other and collaborate effectively.

Key results of the project

Following the successfully development, testing and implementation of the solution, Stevenage Borough Council’s external user were able to:

Meet the rest of the project team


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Stevenage Borough Council logo - an Invdev customer

Stevenage Borough Council

The heart of a town lies in it’s people and at Stevenage Borough Council our people are at the heart of what we do.

Stevenage Borough Council is located in Hertfordshire covering 10 square miles approximately 30 miles from Central London.

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